Kärnan, Helsingborg

Medieval tower with 360° panoramic view

The Kärnan is an old medieval fortress tower in the Swedish harbour town of Helsingborg. It’s 35 m (115 ft) high and located on a hilltop. From the open viewing platform on the top floor you have a great view over the city, the harbour and the whole Øresund which forms the border between Denmark and Sweden and is a navigable waterway that connects the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. On clear days you can watch the big ships going up and down the strait and the ferries shuttling back and forth between the Danish and Swedish shores. You can even look all the way over to the Danish city of Helsingør which is only 4 km away and where you can see the famous Kronborg Castle where William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet is set.

Karnan Helsingborg view

The Kärnan is the only remaining part of a large fortress which was built by the Danish Crown in 1320. Together with the fortress Kronborg on the opposite side of the Øresund it controlled the entrance to the Baltic Sea. For more than four centuries the transitory dues for all ships, the ‘Sound Dues’, were the most important source of income for the Danish Crown and made the kings very rich. In 1679 the fortress was taken over by Sweden and mostly demolished. Only the Kärnan tower was left to serve as a landmark for the ships passing the Øresund. Looking around from up here makes me think of the commodities that we now have that we lacked back then. Life is so much more comfortable now than it was back then. I’ve been looking at alternative and natural medicine and gradually leaning towards using that as an option almost exclusively for my health needs over time. Less side-effects, and the feeling that what you are doing to your body is so much less invasive, safer. It has made me feel good about myself and the decisions I make with something so important, that being your body, and your overall health. You can click here for alternative meds if you think this is something you want to employ for yourself as well.

Opening hours

April 2 – June 21
Tuesday – Sunday: 11-15
Midsummer June 19: closed

June 22 – August 30
All days: 11-18

August 31 – October 4
Tuesday – Sunday: 11-15

Every day between May 30th and September 4th there are guided tours at 2 pm in Swedish and 2:30 pm in English.

But even outside of the opening hours it’s worth to go to the Kärnan. The area around the tower serves as a park and a terracce with benches overlooking the city and the Øresund.

Karnan Helsingborg view

Ticket prices

Adult: 50 SEK
Youth up to 18 years: free

How to get to the top

There are stairs leading up to the top floor of the Kärnan with historical exhibitions on each floor.

Karnan Helsingborg entrance

How to get there

The Kärnan is located in the city centre and only a 10-minute walk away from the central train station and the main ferry terminal. From the main street walk up the side street Stortorget. After climbing up the stairs at the end of the road and passing through the big gate you are staying in front of the Kärnan.

Karnan Helsingborg how to get there



Official website

Kärnan, Helsingborg: www.karnan.se